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America mark living here are number eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one this is what wherein you all out isn't where you all are being told pretty much the same thing every day stay home only go out if you have to wash your hands good advice I think the overwhelming majority of us understand but everybody can't stay at home we wouldn't have any food on the table Woodley everybody can stay home the the Max in the clubs that you order in the hand sanitizer you order would show up at your house what everybody can stay home we wouldn't get mail would you everybody can't stay home or you wouldn't get the pharmaceuticals you need you will be able to go to the grocery store we'll be able to go to the gas station a lot of people aren't staying home lot of people are working very very hard under very difficult conditions and a lot of people are out to work in their businesses are closing because governors have shot them president hasn't shown anything governors are shut down now I've been trying to think about this really look deeply into this so ProPublica media matters wikipedia Mediaite all the other losers they won't understand this but you will there has got to be away to get other big chunks of the economy working again because other aspects of the economy are working and they're working in hot zones to how can that be how can that be now I understand gatherings well into large groups have consequences but people don't have to gather large groups in order to work so while it won't help everybody I talked about this yesterday wasn't my idea of somebody else's there does need to be an economic task force a Blue Ribbon task force much like the coronavirus task force you have experts were focusing only in simply on the healthcare side that's great but if we don't have an economy there will be no health care side they'll be no food side they'll be no housing site the B. no site period no I admire some of these governors and these mayors but they're now in a position where they're just begging for stuff when they're trying to do what they can within their states within their cities but they're basically just begging and some of them are demanding arrogantly that people provide them with the things that they need and many of these are politicians who didn't give pandemics a second thought who had a choice between solar panels in ventilators and chose solar panels that would be Cuomo with the state in New York which has been horribly mismanaged which lost twenty five to thirty five percent of its hospital beds over a twenty year period going down from seventy seven thousand two fifty something else that's unacceptable and they're not the only ones they're not the only ones your small businesses restaurateurs are out of business small banks are trying to figure out what to do you've got landlords and tenants it's a very complicated and complex economy that we have her ladies and gentleman and anybody who thinks the federal government can run it through loans and subsidies in the Senate well the wrong loans and subsidies are for emergency they're not for the broad based economy the government can't replace the economy it just can't and it's not going to they tried it in Venezuela they tried it in Cuba they've tried it in other places course they don't put smiles on their faces as the people who suggest us that they now to manage all these things do and then we have diabolical forces in this country elements of the media the leadership of the Democratic Party among others it's as if they're rooting against us it's as if they're trying to sabotage us Nancy Pelosi is already announced an investigative committee to look into this well they should look into themselves for how they conducted themselves how they basically closed down the United States Congress the house intelligence committee was looking at China any viruses it was turned in on impeachment committee that's never happened in American history and the chairman of that committee rather than focusing on on China even during the break out of this virus was over in the Senate as the lead manager of the attempt to remove the president of the United States by two even though they know from day one they never would have the votes to remove the president there was no supermajority and if he had had his way and the Democrat party Schumer Pelosi had their way in the media have their way god knows that would still be going on they want a witness I don't trust these people to run our economy do you we're huge and diverse country how do you think we have food and toilet paper and soap and diapers and baby for and on and on and on fresh vegetables we're working truckers are working mail deliveries working UPS FedEx Amazon on and on and on grocery chains but we're killing our retail markets were killing them we're killing the retail markets well that's the restaurants and bars whether it's community small community banks whether it's the neighborhood mall whatever it is we're killing the and I'm asking the question do we really need to kill all of them now the president I'd states can't snap his fingers and say all these businesses are going to open he doesn't even have the constitutional power to do it these are state governments making these decisions and mostly states that are run by Democrats mostly that have significant metropolitan areas so the metropolitan areas which are crucially important this country they're American to but it's the tail wagging the rest of the country the dog and she have Washington in many in Washington from New York making decisions it's been dominated pointed out at the federalist for the entire country I want to look at this in a macro perspective I'm trying to figure out the best way to explain this we have a budget our federal budget for this fiscal year is four point seven trillion dollars it's over one trillion dollars in deficit already four point seven trillion dollars last week Congress passed and the president signed a spending bill for two point two trillion dollars last week in that bill the federal reserve is authorized to provide loans of up to four and a half trillion dollars thereby effectively nationalizing the private capital markets we've never seen the centralization of economic power like this in our history and I'm not even sure Congress but the White House understands that's what they did they're not talking about another two trillion dollars and I guarantee that's going to get bloated so we're talking about a total with the federal budget what took place last week and what is conservatively predicted to take place in this next bill thirteen point four trillion dollars in less than a year thirteen point four trillion dollars it's going to add at least five trillion dollars to the debt the fiscal operating debt today's twenty two trillion dollars it'll be twenty seven trillion on top of unfunded liabilities where top economics professor and expert in Boston has said is over two hundred trillion what is one trillion one trillion is a thousand billions I thousand billions that's one trillion but we're talking about thirteen point four trillion so that's over thirteen thousand billions hello can I explain this one trillion one trillion equals a million millions a million millions we're talking about one year's time now while the government is doing these sorts of things the government is telling a significant portion of the country stay home that is these governors are deciding who is and what is essential and who is and what is not they call this liquidity I call it printing money two point two trillion dollars is all that the individual and corporate income tax brings into the federal government that's it he gets money through other avenues to terrorists of course but it doesn't come close to raising the money it's already spending in the federal budget and under Republican and democratic congresses in the last few years they have run trillion dollar deficits one trillion dollar deficits each year each year where is this money going to come from ladies and gentleman I think the Congress and the administration thinks the we'll get through this on a month to three whatever it is and then with all this money floating around all this money poured into the economy in the third quarter will be jacked up big time we'll see growth like we never did before it's not gonna happen this.

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