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Harmon, John Bolton And President discussed on Vickie Allen and Levon Putney


Should the pilot have banned flying in the fog at that time I mean that's part of our investigation we look at whether Harmon to describe the widespread debris field a piece of the tail is down the hill the few Solarz is over on the other side of that hill there was no black box it was not required officials also say people they describe as paparazzi have been trying to get to the wreckage site Steve Futterman CBS news Calabasas California president trump's lawyers kept making their case Monday and the Senate impeachment trial who while they came out Sunday that former national security adviser John Bolton as a draft of a new book in which he says the president told him he was holding up a to Ukraine for an investigation into the bidens this claim is throwing a monkey wrench into the president and Republican senators plans for a quick end to the trial the White House warned that Mr trump would seek to block Bolton from testifying by asserting executive privilege we were all staring a White House cover up in the face some Republicans predicted that the push to hear from witnesses at this trial will grow I think it's increasingly.

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