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Mr Mulvaney denied ever being on the phone when the president spoke to Rudy Giuliani


Up and now it doesn't look about it if president Obama hit a hundred day one day for the entry to the person in the heart he yeah one of the things I will agree to is there's a whole lot of an inconsistency between those two certainly spoke in certain ways during the Obama presidency and now your on that point we certainly agree gland right now test I don't want to do this but let's see just in case there's anything of importance objection right has to communicate let's listen in his documents anyone anyone who says the house case lacks eye witnesses and then votes to prevent eye witnesses from testifying just talking out of both sides of their mouth also according to the report several sections of Mister Bolton's book further implicate Mr Mulvaney previously Mr Mulvaney denied ever being on the phone when the president spoke to Rudy Giuliani Mister Bolton writes that Mr Mulvaney was on the phone with Rudy and the president was discussing the removal of ambassador Ivanovic Mister Bolton's book is further evidence that a large number of people for a quote in the loop on this scheme as ambassador Simon said and now they are all covering up so it seems like not only is there more evidence that the president held that the aid office to get a political gain an investigation but there seems to be a giant cover up among so many of the leading people in the White House who knew about it and said nothing about it let alone try to stop it if there was ever even a shred of logic left to not hear witnesses and review the documents Mister Bolton's book just erased ambassador Bolton's manuscript was sent to the White House over a month ago the president ordered everyone with first hand knowledge of his actions not to testify in the impeachment inquiry were all staring a White House cover up in the face it is so clear what's going on here I don't need to spell it out for you the Senate Republicans are not going to vote to call Mister Bolton and Mr Mulvaney and the other witnesses now if they're not going to ask for notes and emails they're going to be part of the cover up to because we have this out in the open it's up to four Senate Republicans just for Senate Republicans to insure that John Bolton Mick Mulvaney wherein Mr Duffy testified in the Senate trial for Republicans to get the documents surrounded their actions in those days one final point of course the president denied ambassador Bolton's account in a series of late night tweaks already Republicans already some Republicans are saying all this is just a he said he said a fair just a matter of conflicting accounts I would remind everyone between president trump and ambassador Bolton only one of them is willing to testify in the Senate under oath only Mister Bolton is willing to swear that he is telling the truth center

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