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So forth that concern you that the federal government through the federal reserve board


But not all large companies are I don't Amazon is doing great Google and Facebook great overall large businesses are likely to be hit less hard than the US economy overall Goldman Sachs forecast twenty four percent drop in this coming quarter even if the large companies were hit in proportion to the overall downturn the cost of replacing their wages rents and interest would be only ninety four billion a month so the five hundred ten billion dollar would last about half a year the urgency of the moment facilitated a giveaway to vested interest now that the Kerrs actors law policy makers need to find ways to impose restrictions on the money is deployed it's only a question of fiscal prudence in the nature of American capitalism mistake Mr Subaru is a professor at Stanford graduate school of business by the way Stanford has really been stepping up doing this and a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution Mr single this is a professor at the university of Chicago booth school of business and

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So forth that concern you that the federal government through the federal reserve board

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