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Nancy Pelosi, U. S. And LPGA discussed on Michael Medved


Drawn a thirty day jail term in Texas here is correspondent John Scott determined Anderson posted on social media a video of himself removing an ice cream container from a market freezer looking the contents and putting it back in the freezer he also was sentenced to an additional six month jail term probated for two years in order to pay one thousand dollar fine and restitution to blue bell creameries which replaced all of its products in the freezer at the Walmart in Port Arthur Texas surveillance cameras show we finally took the ice cream from the freezer and bought it John Scott reporting Texas Rangers outfielder Willie Calhoun was hit in the mouth by a fastball Sunday and taken to a hospital the left handed hitting Calhoun crumbled after being struck in the job by a fastball in the first inning of a spring training game Calhoun fell on his back put his hands over his face and was eventually carted carried off on a cart news and analysis at town hall dot com president trump will honor two legendary international golfers with the presidential medal of freedom both members of the world golf hall of fame Annika sorenstam and Gary player will each receive the medal during a White House ceremony later this month where is the remaining member of golf's legendary big three to receive the honor as did Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus before him the south African native is an international golf ambassador and one of only five golfers in history to win the career grand slam the Swedish born sorenstam earned seventy two career LPGA victories show me the first LPGA player and the first female athlete who is a naturalized U. S. citizen to receive the presidential medal of freedom George runs on a reporting White House says president troubles given annual bipartisan Saint Patrick's day lunch at the capitol and blamed house speaker Nancy Pelosi the president's devils celebrate at the White House with Ireland's prime minister on Thursday more on these stories at town hall dot com sixty.

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Nancy Pelosi, U. S. And LPGA discussed on Michael Medved

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