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Ex-Hulu CEO Jason Kilar named chief of WarnerMedia


Warner media. At and T. The owner of Warner media made a big move hiring Jason Pilar. He had been the first head of Hulu he'd been gone from there for several years. Not doing anything of great notes since then but he was. He made quite a splash as head of Hulu and they have put him in charge of everything. I mean this is. He has never run a company of this magnitude. This is like a radical move. He's in charge of the. Hbo Streaming Service. He's in charge of CNN. He's in charge of the Warner Brothers Film and TV Studio Hbo. I mean this is quite an astonishing thing Hollywood is trying to figure out what to make of it. It's a bit of a controversial choice. Only because of his history Hulu now when he ran Hulu. It was the early days and it was owned by several different studios at once but he was known as kind of a gadfly and he published missives about the future of the business and he basically took down the linear streaming business in a memo that he famously wrote and predicted the future of on demand video which is largely. Come true but it was seen at the time as kind of an insubordinate thing to do and here he is now in charge of all of these media properties and reporting to John Stinky at. At and T. He was formerly Warner media. He's now been elevated to the president job at. At and T. and at and T. is not atypical. Hollywood companies so you could see both clashes developing upward at his company and downward with all these divisions at now. Report him yeah. There were clashes upward in the past. I mean he had owners like Fox and Disney which were separate companies. In the day you know this was early. Early Days Net flicks was establishing itself starting to and he would tell them. Basically your old school media my bosses and you don't know what you're doing and they ultimately did get rid of him but so he did look like he was right. In retrospect but when you look at a company like at and T. Up and down as you say I mean Bob Greene Blat is is supposed to be in charge of content for. Hbo Max and Hbo and all of that. You gotta wonder what he thinks of helping this guy. Suddenly being his boss and one of my sources said something in an admittedly. This is a one of their competitors. So you know. Take that into account but he said like why are they have to do this right now? Like this guy is supposed to start at the beginning of May. He can't even meet face to face with the people that he is the boss of and getting to know because he not a familiar guy to people in the old school. You know the Toby Emirates Runs Warner Film Studio. He's not a guy who has necessarily known in that kind of circle and he has. This person pointed out not only hasn't done anything this big but can't actually meet with his own people kind of striking. Yeah but I think that's kind of the point. They wanted someone who is GonNa come in here and have that streaming background because everything that. At and T. has done with the Warner Properties since they purchase them has been pointed towards the streaming future and HBO. Max is the biggest example of that. But they've also created a film studio at Warner Brothers specifically for streaming and they're looking at. How TAKE THOSE LINEAR? Tv brands like Turner TBS TNT and turn them into Digital Branson. I think that this is if you look at it closely. This is the perfect hire for that strategy because you have a digital streaming video pioneer. Who understands or at least has been familiar with the content business but is not of that business and I think that's the thinking. At and T. Yeah I mean it's an experiment and old school Hollywood which you can dismiss if you want to but has made content that people like to watch for a long time old school. Hollywood is like I'm not so sure and I say skeptical of everything that I am. I wonder what they saw that they were already quite top heavy and disorganized with management in terms of who is doing what at the streaming service and the film studio that set aside of service the streaming the whole thing just was kind of crazy confusing and you think you. I I kind of wonder well. What did you guys see? That made you feel like we have to do this. We have to do it right now. And time will tell. It is a kind of wild

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Ex-Hulu CEO Jason Kilar named chief of WarnerMedia

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