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The Fight to Change Frat Culture


And dozens Doug fear, burgers, a lawyer. He specializes in cases, where young people have gotten hurt at school. He calls it school violence law in erms of the number of families represented whose children have died fifteen or so and others who've been tremendously hurt dozens and dozens Doug is taken a particular interest in the target rich environment of negligent fraternities or as he calls them dirtbag. Fraternities? We've taken the time to understand exactly how miss guided. The fraternity system is a dangerous. It is the sexual assaults perpetrated at frat parties the hazing related injuries and deaths. Doug says these aren't surprising one off tragedies. Their predictable products of reckless. Institutions every journey house across the country is essentially managed by popularly elected eighteen nineteen twenty year old who as history shown or statistics shown, part of a group of is the largest known binge drinkers and college campus, then individual with little training is often called upon to make life and death decisions or to intervene in circumstances that may cause harm to women in time. And again, it's failed. According to Doug, the way fraternities do business would seem odd in any other industry when national Greek organizations insurance premiums rise because they're getting sued for hazing or sexual assault. They don't take actions to prevent hazing or sexual assault. They just pass those higher insurance costs on the frat members who pay annual dues. Doug knows of one company that insures frats, and you can see they have had six thousand claims in more than sixty million in payouts. You know, how many women have been raped in the districts? You know, how many people who've been hurt to get the million a lot? But these financial pressures have put frats out of business or prompted any great reckoning. So people who wanna see the system change have been taking fraternities to court last week three yell university students sued their school for sex discrimination for allowing what they call a toxic frat culture to dominate the. All social scene all three students are winning. They all say they were grouped at frat parties in their first semesters at school their proposed fix. They want the frats to start admitting women and non binary students as members a CBS report noted a seeming contradiction in the case, if I am someone who goes into a party, the only place available for me to socialize which is a fraternity and I'm being groped and sexually assaulted and in an environment that I think is unsafe. Why do I want to join the fraternity why Doug things cases a bit of a stretch too? I have a hard time seeing how the laws going to force them to be gender neutral. But the suit against Yale shows, how people who believe the fraternity industry is fundamentally rotten are throwing everything at it. Just to see what sticks today on the show. I'll talk to Doug fear. Berg about some recent attempts to force fraternities to chain. Wjr in. Why so many of them have failed? I'm Christina Ricci filling today for Mary Harris. You're listening to what next stay with us.

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