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Americans planning to go to


Americans planning to go to China after first advising travelers to avoid any nonessential travel to Wuhan or other parts of the province the center of the international outbreak of the corona virus but as of Monday afternoon the centers for disease control and prevention changed its online advisory telling travelers to avoid nonessential travel to any part of China a New York one last night mayor bill de Blasio says there is a real need for concern we now have a worldwide phenomenon that we have to take very seriously and is a new disease in the eyes of medical science massive thing I have to tell you you know you get briefed by your team and typically like okay here's everything we know and is pretty exhaustive I when this is that the New York City department health the best public health agency in the country but this one's new aids it's on a spectrum of diseases if we're lucky it's more like the common cold and were unlucky is more like sars and so far it sure seems more like sars on this number of people died but but medical science still doesn't fully understand this disease and there is no sure at this moment so really emphasizing to new Yorkers is probably here already that's the sad reality is probably here in the form of individuals who it in the mail existing in individuals who have been too high on or a family members of into on and have had some prolonged exposure and the symptoms of flu like symptoms symptoms similar in some ways which is even the Mona but if anyone matches those criteria they need to get to a doctor right away the best chance of protecting them but also stopping the spread is quick medical attention nine

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