Could Gigi Hadid Actually Be a Juror in the Weinstein Trial?


So we'll start Harvey Weinstein this is a fun angle on it so they're picking the jury can one of the people who has made it past the first cut is Gigi Hadid I know there are you know how to get out of jury duty doesn't want to it doesn't seem to want to blame actually said I think I can keep an open mind on the fact she knows him doesn't she I have no idea and does a lot of the I believe that I will get you know people in common with him for sure she made a pass from one they're saying supermodel Gigi Hadid she might as Tom model is she knows that they're calling their these days look at she's known so super all right I tell you secrets she does so many television commercials for make he dies he's all over the place on TV and she's like no flowers the ugly one Gigi's file well they're both gorgeous but if if you have to raise our dangers the hot one they are they're they're both gorgeous I mean Gigi those my favorite in other anybody rather than L. McPherson in her day though come on els pretty great with Cindy Crawford is she at yes IRA sure Kathy Ireland Chrissy Teigen Christie Brinkley Christie Brinkley was in her name yeah hello gorgeous he adds you're right but I'm talking about we were just talking about how your face changes no matter what and you get that you know a little Ramseur it happens I'm not yeah I wish I would get runner get exact year yeah owl and the next thing I write everything is melting down looked up real good and I just wanna give a whole neck all right so she'll be on the jury good for her well I don't know if she's going to make it on to the jury but they're going through the thing so Monday morning she showed up to do our civic duty and she was not eliminated who did appear in the courtroom Monday morning or she's in the running to become one of Harvey once insurers according to reports from inside the courtroom she told the judge she thinks she can keep an open mind on the fact and you know really that's all that that's the entire stories that she might be here you go here's a picture Gigi aired one of the people that she is friends with that is testifying against Harvey is Salma Hayek I hope so yeah they're gonna there's a couple of she's not gonna make it maybe they're keeping her on so we cannot talk about it and they can maybe it is media take out two or more I don't know what is that well that's all over the place

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