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Two thousand four hundred and five Americans have died from corona virus in the last sixty days yeah meanwhile you have two thousand three hundred and sixty nine children who are killed by their mothers through elective abortions each day about sixteen and a half thousand children killed every week two states have suspended elective abortion to make more resources available for coronavirus cases that's Texas and Ohio do you agree with states who are placing coronavirus victims above elective abortions and should more states be doing the same well I think what we're doing is we're trying to as a group of governors and that's Republicans and Democrats yet we're just working together to solve this problem that's been a what you're mentioning has been going on for a long time and it's a it's a sad event a lot of said events in this country but what we're doing is that we're working on the virus were working on that hidden enemy and I think we're doing a great job on as good a job as you can possibly do and when Tony and Debra came up with numbers yesterday just say that if we did nothing you could lose two point two up to two point maybe even beyond maybe beyond the two point two million people we did nothing and I can't tell you what the unfortunate final toll is going to be but it's going to be a very small fraction of that so what we're doing an awfully good job I think with what we're doing please go out so there we there we have it from the president I'd states at the coronavirus task force briefing he is taking some questions pharmaceutical giant Johnson and Johnson plans to begin human clinical trials of its covert nineteen vaccine by September with the goal of first batch is being made available for emergency use authorization by early twenty twenty one that's according to a company announcement was released Monday Johnson and Johnson says it's been working on a vaccine since January and is partnering on the venture with biomedical advanced research and development authority Barda a division of the department health and Human Services in an effort to try to battle this this this horrible virus that is obviously impacted so many people additionally you know so many people have been relying on on Amazon and Instacart and things like that to deliver their goods there is a job action taking place over at those with those organizations where you've gotta work strikes at Amazon Instacart and whole foods workers feel that they're not safe in in the frenzied shopping and and all that sort of stuff they're looking for concessions coming back up from these corporations to try to get help and to try to try to make sure that their workers are protected you know so many of these folks that are working in supermarkets as as as many in this community no are are working in it in situations where they they are maybe seeing hundreds or thousands of people passing in front of them each and every day and they have to go home to their families at night and they don't want to be transmitting the virus we've seen obviously some of the shields the plexiglass shields are being directed at different grocery stores where you have these for these folks who are able to protect themselves at least in some measure I was I was over at a at the cosco on tie vola on on Friday night they had installed in there I know they're going at Publix Harris teeter is going to go for that the number of places because these front line workers do not want to get exposed and we don't want to see them get sick because if if we end up in a situation where you can't get the groceries you need and the food you need we are really going to be in a bad situation so that's an incredibly important point as well coming up in just a few minutes we're gonna have Charlotte at six you'll get updated numbers out of Mecklenburg County and of course the more broadly across the state in North Carolina we are not just about an hour into the state wide stay at home order and we'll be keeping you up to date tonight through the night and into tomorrow with all the most important stuff that you need to now I am bread water bowl it is the breadwinner will show right here on news talk eleven ten and ninety nine three W. B. T..

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A new story from WBT Afternoon Programming

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