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Still file a tax return claiming zero


Was removed from the final version of the stimulus bill those with no income will receive a payment how did you get your twelve hundred dollars if your income is lower zero you can file online for free and they give you the link you can also print fill out and mail a paper form they give you the link there's no cut off for when you must follow to receive the payment however the sooner you file the sooner you'll receive the funds you understand what this is saying Mister minister it's telling students who are working parents who have no income if the twenty nineteen if their parents tax returns have been filed yet consult with your parents because you get a free twelve hundred dollar check even though you're not unemployed even though you weren't furloughed even though you weren't fired even though you never and a penny you're just going to school in many cases not even going to school anymore you're working from home or studying at home or whatever you're doing you can get a twelve hundred dollar check I told you when the bill is this big the system can be played and now we have a college telling the students to play the system in this college isn't alone and I suspect when all said and done you're going to have thousands if not tens of thousands of college students law students medical students graduate students of every kind receiving checks assuming their parents decided that it's better that they receive direct checks than the treat them as dependents on the tax return and depending on your income you can't even treat your kids as dependents on your tax returns if you aren't over a certain amount so the children of wealthy people I get twelve hundred dollar checks but regardless the system is being played

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Still file a tax return claiming zero

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