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Oklahoma, Jacqueline Scott, John Sculley discussed on Rush Limbaugh



Driver's license offices in Oklahoma are closed to the public until further notice because of cold at nineteen Jacqueline Scott has details the Oklahoma department of public safety says it's to protect its employees and the public public safety commissioner John Sculley says if you need to renew your driver's license you can do that online or fill out a form from the DPS website and mail it in he says some reinstatement of driver's licenses can be handled through phone calls governor Kevin Stitt has yet to sign more than two hundred eighty computations approved by the state pardon and parole board in December eight Oklahoma organizations that advocate for criminal justice reform are asking him to release those inmates they say it will help reduce prison overcrowding and also help mitigate the serious threat of a covert nineteen outbreak in state prisons the groups say many areas of the state prisons are communal and inmates can't practice social distancing they say there's also a shortage of basic hygiene items I'm Marco Moreno in our Oklahoma City winter is the backbone manage today's an indoor day temperatures only in the upper thirties to low forties for this afternoon but it will feel more like the twenties and thirties with a driving northerly wind of overcast skies lingering drizzle or even a stray shower tonight some clearing winds out of the north at ten to fifteen miles per hour lows are going to bottom out just above freezing so heads up to the gardeners out there will wind chills in the twenties and then tomorrow temperatures in the mid fifties partly to mostly cloudy skies and a lighter north wind for the full ones from centimeter all just Emily Sutton newsradio one thousand Katie okay studios or service of universal men's clinic for medical solutions for Edie yellow teeth learn more at universal men's clinic dot com hired radio wants to help with a chance at one thousand dollars the nationwide key word money two two hundred two hundred you'll get a confirmation text info standard data and message rates apply in this nationwide contest money to two hundred two hundred sometimes when you're living with a disability unable to work you just need a hand up citizens disability understands and whether you're applying for disability benefits from social security for the first time or you've been denied in the past citizens disability knows how to guide you to the help you deserve you'll work directly with an advocate who will listen evaluate.

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Oklahoma, Jacqueline Scott, John Sculley discussed on Rush Limbaugh

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