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Today on. Happy said confused Ben. Schwartz returns with two big films in February. Sonic the HEDGEHOG and standing up falling down. Hey guys Josh Horowitz. Welcome to another edition of happy. Sad confused yes. Very excited to say that Ben Schwartz back on the PODCAST. I feel like he's been on many times but the truth is only once wait. I think he called in another time. Not that makes it sound like we're like a drive time call in show but maybe we called him that being said this is his second official foreign appearance on happy sack fused. Ben Is One of the funniest most sounded humans on the planet. Hopefully he's not listening to this because I don't want to know that I acknowledge that. But yes he's a friend he's he's an exceptional sional actor and one of the top Improv artists on the planet. If you haven't seen Middle Distance Schwartz do their thing. I highly recommend you go see one of their shows. They they do. It's like no one else can and excited to say that Ben told us on the PODCAST. Today that you'll be able to see it in the comfort of your own home soon enough. A long form Improv with HAMAS middle ditch is has been taped and it's going to be available in in some different forms on a mysterious outlet at mysterious date. TVD The operative word is straight What is not mysterious is that Ben has a lot of things going on? He's got two big films coming out next month in February. You won't be able to miss. Sonic the HEDGEHOG. This is of course long in the making this big budget interpretation of the classic A video game character. Ben Of course is the voice of Sonic. Jim Carries in James Marsden's in it. I can't wait to see it. it's going to be big and fun an awesome. I'm sure also worth mentioning and I have seen this one and I can vouch word. It's a great. A piece of work is standing up falling down. This is a real two hander. A small independent film but like the little juicy stuff for for Ben alongside the great great billy crystal of smart funny touching all the good things it comes out on February twenty first in theaters and on. VOD seek it out. It's a special one. It was a blast talking to Ben. We talked about the movies we talked about geeked out about star wars video games and of course Oscar nominations. The nation's are out so we talked a little bit about what movies we liked in the last year. How do I feel about the Oscar? Nominations I'm glad you asked. I have the same kind of issues that everybody did. You know the obvious emissions that I was disappointed in would been fun to see Jennifer Lopez. Of course I really was pulling for Adam Sandler San were in best actor. I want to see neon go in best actress. Certainly there is not enough diversity in the acting categories. Is this your sadly again. Certainly we need to break down this cycle of all male nominees and director that having said I think all the directing nominees are worthy Greta. Gerwig I think did a fantastic job so I understand the arguments for having her in there I would have been perfectly happy and thrilled to see her get a nomination. I'm glad she got nominated for writing and I'm thrilled. That would a women is the best picture nominee. It's certainly one of my favorites. In fact I would say honestly all nine best picture nominees. This year. I liked all of them. I loved some of them and I liked all of them so I don't have major complaints in that. I'm excited to see the Oscar ceremony. I kind kind of wish there was a host. I don't know why we're part of the fun of the Oscars is seeing someone just kind of owned the stage and do their thing so I think that's that's something that I'm not thrilled at the last couple years they've been doing but I'll be there. I'll be watching. I love me. Good Oscar show and there's some good movies that are worth celebrating this year So yeah that's my take on the Oscar Skar nominations. We also talk a little bit about it with Ben Partially in jest but partially seriously to as most of our conversations go. I'm going to get to the main event of Ben Schwartz as I said he's got two great new projects worth seeking out next month. Sonic the Hedgehog on Valentine's Day and standing up falling down out February twenty first. Mark Your calendars remember to review rating. Subscribe to happy. Sad confused. Spread the good word and.

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