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Michael Cohen, Jon Tester, Ronnie Jackson discussed on Pod Save America



So so donald trump at the beginning there was referring to james komi he you know threatened to obstruct justice on national television which is not something that you do every day during that rant he also admitted that michael cohen did represent him in the stormy daniels case he threatened jon tester for raising questions about ronnie jackson's qualifications he bragged about his electoral vote he yelled about the media and he hinted that he may not have gotten his wife a birthday gift dan your thoughts i would cite this as a historic moment in the history of fox news is this the first piece of public service journalism fox's ever done now they accidentally did it by just allowing are unstable president to call in and talk nonstop for what felt like a decade half hour for the world to see how donald trump thinks i would know that before you fill out a form for a retroactive pulitzer for steve doocy they did try to encourage donald trump to obstruct justice is like why aren't you obstructing justice mr trump the is this is for you but it does department you you can obstruct this justice sir it mean it is it's why it is wild this man as our president it is wild there is a news network like this that exist in the world that the president would call into i mean it is amazing i mean it is really bad thing and this will be the thread that ties connie and trump together is these are two men who put their insights thoughts on the outside.

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Michael Cohen, Jon Tester, Ronnie Jackson discussed on Pod Save America

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