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Michael Knowles, Michael Cohen, Donald Trump discussed on The Michael Knowles Show

The Michael Knowles Show
1 year ago


Disloyal dirtbag and convicted felonious lawyer Michael Cohen appeared on Capitol Hill today to dance for the pleasure of Democrats desperate to cover up the actual crimes they committed in their effort to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president and later to overturn the election. We will analyze the pathetic. But very entertaining showing then a democrat presidential candidate make slavery reparations, a central tentative his campaign and a baby is born seven years after her father died on Michael Knowles. And this is the Michael Knowles show. That last story reminds me of this famous line from the odyssey where telemetry says about his father. He says it's a wise man who knows his own father lot of milk men walking around the earth for all of human history. But the story that story about the baby being born seven years after her father died is pretty bizarre. I don't think it has to do with milkman. It has to do with bizarre bioethics and questions of designer babies. We'll get to all of that. Obviously, we gotta get through the Michael Cohen testimony, which was just such a little treat this morning. But first, let's make some money Honey with purple mattress, you know, I love purple. You know, I am a proselytizer purple purple mattresses. Unlike any mattress you've ever slept on it is not an innerspring. It's not quite a memory foam. This this unique technology that is both firm and soft at the same time developed by rocket scientists I was very skeptical of this. I actually when they gave me a mattress, I didn't even want to get rid of my old mattress. I said, I don't know if I get rid of my old, man. I don't like this. It's kind of weird. It's kind of new I try it out for one night. One night is all it took. It is the best mattress I've ever slept on immediately. Just threw out my old mattress. You know, totally got rid of it. It is fabulous. I love it. I have been telling everybody to get this thing, especially I used to have a lot of back pain and sleep problems..