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Senate Judiciary Committee, President Trump, Senator Mitch Mcconnell discussed on The Lead with Jake Tapper


Anti-catholic March madness we sixty five on this week tradition. I'll be joined by Kansas head coach Bill right now. That's probably one of the biggest weaknesses Of our. our team those guys get outside their comfort zone. He had been good talkers. And really being a great leader. Does he can lead, by example? But he also got to have some people take charge. God's alum. According to get better. Is three sixty five now at apple podcasts. And spotify. Welcome back to breaking news coverage of President Trump's firing of his attorney general Jeff Sessions. The two men had been at odds over sessions decision to listen to the ethics lawyers at the department of Justice and recused himself from the Russian investigation. Joining me on the phone is democratic Senator maisy Rono Hawaii, she serves on the Senate Judiciary committee, and she was reelected last night with I think just seventy seventy one percent of the vote. Senator congratulations, your reaction your reaction to today's developments. It didn't take long for the president to act immediately predictive self because it's always about him all the time every time. So I e fires Jeff Sessions. And then he as Matthew Whitaker as the acting attorney general very very troubling knowing mister Whitaker's us about the investigation. You know, it raises, of course, a conflict of interest. This is our to Whitaker, and it certainly goes to the obstruction of Justice by the president. So by congress has to pass legislation predicts investigation, so you you and your colleagues on the Senate Judiciary committee already passed out of the committee legislation to protect Muller, Senator Mitch McConnell. The majority leader did not bring it up. I think he said he didn't feel there was any need to do. So do you believe that there will be any appetite by Republicans to do? So and and will there be perhaps a push by somebody like you or others to do? So before the end of this congress when you lose even more seats in January. Muller in this nation, basically to protect any special counsel out of the judiciary committee in a bipartisan way. And the only reason that that McConnell then bait on the floor with he says, oh, well, we don't need to do that. Because nothing's going to happen to Muller. And I don't know what it take, you know, maybe a ton of bricks has to fall on McConnell fan before he realizes recognizes what is actually going on. So certainly expect that the Democrats in in the Senate as low as they Democrats in the house will push to protect because that has to go on and the president's actions are so blatantly political to protecting south. That is I said it didn't take long for him to to do it. Obviously your parties your power is being part of the party, the minority party in the Senate are limited compared to your democratic colleagues in the house who are going to soon have the majority. What do you want them to do that? You are not able to do. It'll be able to investigate what's going on with the president. And my friend Jerry Nadler who with whom I search for six years in the US house. I know that he has already said that he wants to know what the president's motives are. I think we can pretty much conclude. What is more Zarin that is to protect itself? So I spent Jerry Nadler to be chairing the judiciary committee in the in the house and then to proceed with the what he needs to do to get to the bottom of this and to protect investigation. Do you think that this is where it ends that the that he he appoints a Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general and Whitaker maybe tries to keep two tries to shrink or or contract. The the bounds of the Muller investigation. Or or do you fear that they're more is going to happen? Investigation continues that this is yet more actions by the president that goes to obstruction of Justice. Does it doesn't Trump have the right to have as attorney general whoever he sees fit as long as that person is ultimately confirmed by the Senate..

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