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That Washington DC will lift its stayed home order issued because of the pandemic on Friday as dollars are outlining the first steps as part of a phased reopening of the nation's capital but she warned against gatherings a larger than ten the bottom line of what we want to emphasize is that this virus is still in our city and in our region and in our country we still need to be very focused on identifying who has called eight nineteen or who has been exposed to covert nineteenth and making sure those people isolate so that we can stop the spread of the virus in our city testing is how we do that and we know that more people will be moving around and we want to emphasize to everyone if you need a test get a test so today I will be signing a mayor's ordered that will lift the stay at home order beginning Friday may twenty ninth we will move into phase one of re opening so I want to clarify this cold but nineteen is still in our community and our region in our nation and the public health emergency will continue gatherings of more than ten people are still prohibited and I want to make sure we all understand that moving into phase one it means that more people can get infected because now more people will be moving around in the community resident from trying to move forward with a fourth of July parade lawmakers representing Washington DC sent a letter to the secretaries of defense and interior to oppose the plan president trump trying to fight back on efforts to fact check his tweets hill signed an executive order at today of some sorts to this after Twitter added fact checks did two of his tweets White House counselor kellyanne Conway says president trump is the most quote pulled

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