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On the debate stage opposite of button pushing Donald Trump the ratings will be spectacular it's just Joe Biden the trump campaign spokesman Tim are tough I just don't understand Democrats Tim I don't know that anybody does I don't know that they understand themselves you know yeah I mean you could be forgiven for thinking that Joe Biden was dead everybody on the planet cited that his candidacy was dead and there's you know what let's not forget there's a reason why everybody saw Joe Biden was dead in the water it's because he's a terrible candidate and it doesn't just have to do with the gaskets because of all kinds of stuff it's because of his record it's because remember they thought Democrats sought a we can't nominate Joe Biden because trump will kill him with this hunter Biden and very small Ukraine business right do you think that's gone now no it's still there it's just a bit in the media's consciousness had slipped away for a little bit

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To the town all review into

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