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Martina Navratilova among other vile vicious


Jared Kushner's and he correctly stated that the ventilators in the federal inventory ten thousand of them our hours meaning the United States of America the government of the United States of America they don't belong to any state any mayor whatever and he was attacked Martina Navratilova among other vile vicious poisonous mouth and then like a mop they're ignorant they're ignorant like a street map and they all joined together they attacked Kushner what do you mean are doesn't belong here look at this nepotism like a sec insane you tread morons and what he's saying is the states are responsible for their own ventilators that states are responsible for their own ICU beds the states are responsible for the hospitals or what's in their hospitals this page one it that way and so when the federal government has ten thousand ventilated suggesting given the governor Cuomo who decided to buy solar panels in twenty fifteen rather than ventilators now why is that what is the federal government have an inventory of ten thousand ventilators just in case well just in case the military doesn't have enough just in case the border patrol doesn't have enough just in case the FBI doesn't have enough we have two million people in the federal workforce we have a military where our men and women actually get hurt from time to time fighting and of course to assist states as necessary but they're not one thousand ventilators out of the federal inventory and head of the governor of New York a bunch of jackals jackass is on the left Jared Kushner was exactly right exactly right and then I got to watch this guy Jon Karl of ABC news another ignoramus asking about the Jarrett bay at Jared Kushner common what I held as the dragons big plant you know what to Albany and asked the governor the source of the problem and you folks I know you are going to be curious about this solar panels over violators he decided some of you will die not the president of the United States the president's got the army corps of engineer working overtime he's got that maybe what what are what are one of our medical ships there he's he's pressuring companies in ways that I don't even want but he's pressuring companies to build ventilators the bill whatever is needed to deal with the whole country but particularly the epicenter in New York if you don't have such an incompetent moron in articulate governor here yes news media in New York

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Martina Navratilova among other vile vicious

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