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Employees an additional two


Employees an additional two dollars an hour the whole food sick out follows protests by Amazon and Instacart employees over similar concerns food lion says it will be donating more than three million dollars to help those in need during the pandemic money to be used to provide millions of meals for the needy and fund research at the U. N. C. among other things Charlotte area food banks also been trying to help families and individuals may be stranded at home many without an income during this crisis Juggalos B. reports one organization fears the need for food will be skyrocketing in the coming weeks some of their demands include paid leave eating more people all of our friends then really ever Tina Postel executive director of loaves and fishes food bank in Charlotte we're working with black bomber in two years and we also have to limit our contact with our neighbors in need she says they're coming off a couple of large food drives it helps and they're getting a lot of support from a second harvest bought right now we're good but we are really facing attention and trying to get mass quantities of food in right now because there it's all being sold in grocery stores still says what they really need cash donations and volunteers journalist we W. eighteen years

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Employees an additional two

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