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Sir bill that came out of the house of representatives


Repeating over and over again that the present United States didn't act fast enough that he has no plans and I sit here and I think to myself tell me when to the Democrats and the media get interested in the coronavirus this week was it this week Mr producer the truck went to the floor of the Senate they began his propaganda campaign against the president trying to link the corona virus did Donald Trump this week right wasn't last week wasn't last month wasn't two months ago when the media done the same thing no notice ladies and gentlemen members of Congress like to talk about their authority there is already when it comes to appropriations declarations of war their oversight authority their legislative authority well tell me when the United States Congress was focused on a coup against the president I'd states how much time the congressman when the coronavirus how many hearings the Congress have on the coronavirus at the same time they were trying to oust the president United States how many hearings I would ask my friends who claim to be constitutional wrists when it comes to war powers what about areas where there's no debate Congress has the absolute authority to appropriate funds as many funds as they want to address the coronavirus whether the president signs it or not where is the bill Sir bill that came out of the house of representatives for the last two months ladies and gentleman how many press conferences did Nancy Pelosi have warning America about the coronavirus she's had a few press conferences this week trashing the president trying to link him to the coronavirus how many shows were done in the corona virus other than hit and run programs on China and so forth don't C. N. N. on MSNBC on the networks few if any if you have any on now they're arguing over money Chuck Schumer says it ought to be eight billion four hundred and eighty million or something like that Kevin McCarthy says closer to four billion president I'd states says let's start with two and a half billion if the president I'd states had said eight point four eight billion Chuck Schumer what is said eighteen point four eight billion Chuck Schumer has never grasp on anything that's going on in the United States in the federal government to address the coronavirus he has a participating this during by one now ladies and gentlemen here's the thing as good as a president may be as good as his cabinet may be as good as our scientists may be those who work in the private sector in those who work in the government sector mother nature can be a real **** you can't stop the flu in the United States you can try to address the even when you get a flu shot it only covers a certain number flu varieties nothing can be fixed perfectly and this is what the Democrats do with the media support they know the president has a rather sophisticated plant they know that this virus drew the attention of the president early on they know the president appointed a Blue Ribbon group to address this they know the CDC HHS generally N. I. H. and all the other

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