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Sky way this supports sponsored by New Jersey symphony orchestra Morus Myron export twelve oh one on to it and wins now the ten ten wins accu weather exertion four day forecast here's meteorologist being devore all right I'm getting out to enjoy this nice day with the sunshine temperatures up in the low fifties look it's not as warm as it was over this past weekend before January will take it especially with the storm coming this weekend tonight we'll see a few showers late temperatures start to rise will get up to your fifty early tomorrow within seven years of backwards falling to the thirties and the real fuels and up in the twenties for the commute tomorrow breezy called was sunshine Friday realfeel saying the teens and twenties looks like snow rise around lunch time Saturday going over to rein in the city a little ice in between but then northern western suburbs could see a couple to a few inches of snow and ice before the changeover forty seven degrees mostly sunny up to fifty two AM accu weather meteorologist needed for a new York's weather station ten ten wins wins news time eleven fifty three at a hundred to survey our Bob Palmer is the oldest state employee in Indiana he's finally ready to call it a career the World War two vet announced he plans to work until February six then and then we'll retire saying after nearly six decades on the job your body tells you when it's time to go longevity runs in his family his mother lived to be a hundred eight he says he plans to travel in his retirement New York state today becomes the tenth state to make major changes in adoption laws now any adoptee upon turning eighteen can apply to your local or state health department to get an original copy of your certified birth certificate fifty nine year old Megan Kevin Burke tells ten ten when she was adopted and the new law will help her and countless others learn their background and possible medical history look at your mother or father you know where you got up and I never knew that I.

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