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Lakers, Gary, Viola Davis discussed on How Did This Get Made?


This is a witch text what is where why are they like rap eleven here ged just one in the same make it easy for every day the reveal is oh you just have to have someone you love died and then the spells broken and why don't you need why can't that be part of the curse forever why does she have to find that information what does it help why does it help us to have not complicated it's it's like it's it's the simplest thing said it was like did you go see that movie penelope with christina ricci no it's a very underrated and but i it's a biopic male cruise it's the lakers back christina ricci plays her time casting the girl is a pig nose and you know from the very start how she can break it and they're like trying to get and of course by the end it's like they all these misunderstood the deeper ramifications of how you actually take this course but you don't you don't need to spend the whole movie trying to read about how it happened like that gary can use haphazard it feels like they were like getting to that point in the movie like what are we going to do and they would if we did like a buffy the vampire slayer style giles the watch and now there's a like a watcher with a library of books answers in the book how how verse person attached to this movie viola davis and why how does that because it said it in my notes michaud notes if the movie came out in two thousand thirteen she probably tach is in two thousand eleven there's nothing after the help when the help twenty twist.

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