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The lead singer of the folk rock band great big sea and he's released a number of solo albums including a week at the warehouse his autobiography where i belong paints a vivid portrait growing up in a small fishing town and it's a bestseller in kent his follow up look is a newfoundlander in canada always going somewhere always coming home allen was also a worded the order of candidate twenty seventeen for his contributions to the culture of newfoundland his website is allen doyle duck see ellen in your book i was reading about how in your little town your little tiny pity harbor there's actually the same dynamic historically s you've had a lot of irish communities where you've got catholic this and protestant that when i grow up religion defined the actual footprint of the town and i think that's a traditional kind of irish and kind of way to do it there's a river that splits petty operate and half and on the side that i'm from the catholic side there was a church a school a fish plant and a convenience store crossed the bridge and petty harbour when i grow up and there was an anglican church and then over on that side there was another comedian store and another fish plant and again this is a town of five hundred people had an literally had duplicate on the other side would there be a kind of tribal loyalty where if you're a good protestant gem would keep it in the family i mean that was kind of long before my time a little bit in my parents time but certainly in my grandparents time would have been very if not unusual it would have been definitely talk about if somebody crossed the bridge would anybody married between the the tribes it would have been would have been like i say in my grandparents generation that would have been a notable thing but i mean when i was a kid the most practical thing that did for me was that we had two schools right right so it was a little catholic school that survived in pity harbor but all my protestant friends they all got boston saint john's hurting forty kilometers away yeah go to school as kindergartens is this ridiculous to think about it you know like those kids could have easily just come to our school you know they could have walked it would have been indoctrinated by the wrong religion had the wrong the wrong jesus when i was in scotland glasgow is a town with a with a catholic protestants always it ever and there's two soccer teams and rangers and celtic man you got to be in the short and scott toward there many times and and i always say the glasgow is the the only town i've ever been in my life that where a pungent the vases and that's supposed to ruin your night you know you've mentioned it the next day but you wouldn't go home or call the police surrending like that you know you probably end up drinking at the very people to punch to you if i had four or five days to drive around the island would i see any viking sites or anything goes away back would i come on any great trails take me on it just a quick run around the island what would i see if you flew into the west coast of newfoundland or arrived on the west coast news land by ferry from the mainland of canada very quickly make your way to gross more national park and that's one of the unesco world heritage site right now parts of that looked like norwegian fjords just a spectacular natural piece of jogger fee in when quickly up the northern param of newfoundland what we call the northern peninsula deriving lots and meadows and that's one of the oldest recorded viking settlements anywhere in the world and if you made your way back down and came to the central part of me from nine ninety be very inbetween gander and grand falls and that's of course where the famous hospitality happened your nine eleven when the airport in gander hosted so many that needed to get out of the sky nine eleven and the population of candor and the surrounding towns basically tripled and then if you made your way closer towards where i live towards saint john's and east coast you'd very quickly come to bonneville sta and trinity in the bottom vista peninsula which if people have seen few major motion pictures.

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Forty Kilometers, Five Days discussed on Travel with Rick Steves

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