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The next one is young blood. Which i actually haven't. I haven't seen either. I think it's like a sports movie honestly asli i haven't seen it so <hes> can't discuss it will move on from nineteen eighty eight permanent record. I've never even heard arguments with no idea okay good so there's a few hair where i was going through his category because you know me. I like to cover them. A war and it's like well. I've never even heard of these but i'm gonna mention them. Next is the the prince of pennsylvania never heard of these like low budget indie movies <hes> then the next one which i have seen i do remember him in this and and poor keanu gets rid a court for this this movie role which is dangerous liaisons. Have you seen so this is like number one. He plays well. This is like can official version of cruel and tanya. I remember based off dangerous liaisons which was a big oscar film with michelle pfeiffer. John malkovich glencoe uncured reeves. I mean it's like it's olden times. It's hundreds of years ago victorian period and and he is horribly miscast. You know look. There's nothing wrong with him. He's just miss cost when it's got really top tier actors like glenn close john malkovich does and it's a little yeah he just he stood out. I don't think that he was really terrible. But that's decent film. It's a good drama. I enjoyed that movie the law and he plays the lead as in malkovich glenn close and <hes> michelle pfeiffer leads but he's someone who courts michelle pfeiffer and he's the guy that has the deal with john malkovich and kills him in the end spoilers but the films like from the eighties. It's like thirty years old so he's got. He's got like a significant role in the movie but he's not a lead most of these. He's not a leader. All you know river's edge. Even it's an ensemble boca's but he's in that film throughout okay then often dangerous liaisons the night before again never even heard of it so i am assuming you have an either okay good and then one of his most iconic roles nine thousand nine hundred eighty nine bill and ted's excellent adventure so i mean i've loved this movie since day one like since day one. I absolutely adore this movie. It's you know it's a cult classic movie but actually what people forget was. When it came out it was actually she quite successful. It was even quite well. Reviewed 'cause once interesting about this movie and i've gone back and watched the just a few months ago. It's actually quite a smart move. It is yeah because these two kids who are like loses. They can't really play any <hes> you know instruments or anything like that and in the future that's supposed to come together as the wild stallions and bring peace through that music but they have to like pasta his streak loss in order to do that so rufus you know goes back in in time to help them out and gives them a time machine and they go through time but it's like a history lesson you learn about socrates and the policeman ling could than all these i mean it's actually quite educational but of course that's a bill s preston esquire and ted theodore logan together we are wild stallions stallions and feel like it was the star of that type of comedy like wayne's world and different things and other things followed this kind of like dude comedy and well. It was the first broke i had something like that. My sister brought that film into our house and it was like oh this new movie out bill and ted blah and we we all loved. That's funny because one of the first people remember watching with was. MSA and emmanuel is married to miss any sister. I mean we were huge fans of of those movies so bill and ted's excellent adventure. I mean again. You know i mean i. It's a silly goofy movie but he was great. The and you know it was such a fun movie..

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John Malkovich, Michelle Pfeiffer, Keanu discussed on Tony the Movie Guy

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