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Debate on CNN is the final one before the first caucus voting takes place on Monday February third CBS news update on that paper traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks right colors checking in from Warren County just to the east of front row sixty six he's found just east of the interchange for for Rolex at six your mom marker ten it was a single vehicle incident a box truck went off the road into the median so with the response on scene they do have the left lane blocked at mile marker ten stay right to get by a brief slow down their listeners of also indicated the fog is very dense out there so please watch your speeds take it easy out there once clear that better as you continue toward Haymarket in prince William county and then further east toward the bellboy even inside the valley toward rosin a Roosevelt bridge a much better right but again there's some stretches a sixty six where visibility is greatly reduced so please watch your speeds of folks coming in from the west side of Clark County hundred seven and also out of West Virginia along route nine where the road meets up just to the west of Leesburg on the bypass I again dealing with varying conditions there folks are taking it easy out there so far no major issues to report then as you head east of Leesburg toward Tyson's in about one hundred seven much better right but again still dealing with a little bit of patchy fog out there so watch out I ninety five and I three ninety five for now without early issue between Fredericksburg in the fourteenth street bridge express lanes open on both I ninety five and I three ninety five George Washington parkway last report still diverting folks up to memorial circle to get past the works on we have been doing the work underneath the Memorial Bridge and again this was first for safety purposes little bit of a slow down now getting into the version with more folks on the road not affecting folks out found you were moving well headed down toward Reagan national Merrill about ways to Montgomery and prince George's county is no early incidents reported in real life so far rich hundred of each of the traffic thick fog now is gonna hang around through most of the morning commute before lifting off and skies brightening later on into the afternoon temperatures are most in the upper thirties to low and mid forties now today's high fifty six cloudy tonight maybe a sprinkle of rain temperatures.

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