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Washington, Labor Department discussed on KCBS Radio Midday News


Altering Washington there's another report that shows the U. S. economy is hemorrhaging jobs the labor department's March report says seven hundred one thousand jobs evaporated a report compiled before nearly ten million Americans filed for unemployment benefits at the White House economic council head Larry Kudlow said there's no way to sugar coat it the economy will get worse before it rebounds from the corona virus crisis those numbers and those hardships are going to get worse before they get better that's an accomplishment that's what we're trying to do what we're gonna do I'm Stephen Portnoy to prevent more layoffs the trump administration says starting today small business owners can get loans backed by the government which would be forgiven if they keep their current payrolls intact but JP Morgan chase and other banks say they need more guidance before they can begin administering the loans top White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow finds that frustrating they know it's guaranteed I mean for heaven's sakes we're in constant touch with these banks some central Florida inmates are making protective masks for health care workers more from correspondent Peter king in Orlando in Merion county north of Orlando prisoners already so their own uniforms bedding and linens and a sheriff's department video sergeant Paul bloom says making protective masks is not a stretch and inmates have volunteered to do it we're gonna keep making these masks to we're out of here and we were on the jury we're gonna try to get some more and and keep up the good work bloom says each mask takes five to ten minutes to make he says hospitals seem to be getting what they need there so they're giving these masks to individual care givers along with nursing homes and other organizations that serve seniors Peter king CBS news Orlando there's been another inmate death in a troubled prison system in the Deep South CBS's Jim chrysalis been following the story David young has died after a fight with his cellmate at a privately run prison in Woodville Mississippi the forty two year old was serving a life prison term for a murder conviction he was at least the thirty first of Mississippi inmate to die since late December the state's prison system which is plagued by budget restrictions and staffing shortages is under investigation by the U. S. justice department since several inmates have died in prison violence Jim chrysalis CBS news there are now more than two hundred forty five thousand coronavirus cases in the U. S. and the death toll is over six thousand more than not ninety three hundred people have recovered the family of former Maryland lieutenant governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend is asking for privacy as the search continues in the Chesapeake Bay for her daughter and grandson who went missing while canoeing on Wall Street the Dow is down three forty six this is CBS news you can listen to CBS news radio twenty four hours a day seven days a week on radio dot com or the radio dot com app downloaded today twelve oh three at the bay area's new station KCBS sunshine this afternoon get ready for some rain though moving in tomorrow and stay with us for several days in for Rebecca corral I'm Dan Mitchinson here's what's happening right now three more people have died of Kobe nineteen in San Mateo county that brings the county's total debt to thirteen KCBS is Margie Shafer reports that efforts are underway to ensure those working on the front lines have access to quick testing San Matteo county is focused on getting first responders tested for covert nineteen in an expedited way because if infected samma tail county manager Mike Kalecki says they would be considered super carriers we are working on a process to make sure that there was a quick turnaround is quick so that we get information back to the apartment so they can take cautionary measures first responders those in the health field and other essential workers are asked specific questions Stanford University has managed most of the testing for first responders and verily is also doing on demand testing at the San Matteo event center right now we're shooting for a turnaround in twenty four hours last week I samma tail consolidated fire department employee tested positive for covert nineteen in San Matteo Margie Shafer KCBS unlike some other coastal towns up and down the state the city of Santa Cruz has yet to close its beaches KCBS is Jennifer Hodges tells us that's part of the reason they've set up a task force to monitor who's there it's called the beaches and parks contact team in response to people gathering at local beaches sun coming from the Silicon Valley for exercise there is no.

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Washington, Labor Department discussed on KCBS Radio Midday News

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