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Next report to fifty eight on your traffic leader whether a service of war the brothers roofing today's high getting around seventy one degrees tonight fog and drizzle laid low of fifty eight of them Wednesday same kind of thing is today a high of seventy four Thursday is when the rain rolls and though we could see just a high of fifty five right now those seventy degrees it carefully top news stories throughout the day and breaking news when it happens Japan on newsradio ten eighty KRLD for this year's academy award nominations have created a new controversy over whether the Oscars are just too white and two male nineteen of the twenty acting nominees are white Entertainment Tonight host Kevin Frazier reports on the backlash over the lack of diversity Joaquin Phoenix is deranged joker leads the Oscar nominations with eleven nods but it's the films and actors that were snow that many are calling the real headline I made up my mind I'm going there Harriet actress Cynthia revolt was the only person of color nominated in the acting categories and some say several strong performances by people.

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