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One of his early albums the white album he goes off on al Roker and the weather channel he's like there's I'm paraphrasing Lewis goes there's an entire channel devoted to weather and they still can't get it right he goes I do think we should put a monkey in a room with a dart board yeah with with symbols and just have the monkey throw the darts at the board that would be more reliable and I didn't it I I can listen to that and I have hundreds of times and it still cracks me up but anyway happy anniversary to the today show speaking of morning shows the story isn't going away twenty four hours later nor in I don't think it should in and it won't straight through to Oscar the Oscar telecast controversy in outrage over the nominees that we unveiled yesterday exactly twenty four hours ago here's Gayle king of talking to Kevin Frazier from E. T. with some some statistics about where we are as far is diversifying the academy voting bloc listen to this year's academy award nominations have created a new controversy over whether the Oscars are too right into mail nineteen of the twenty acting nominees announced yesterday are white the exceptions Best Actress nominee that Cynthia reprogram center and starred in the movie and all of the Best Director nominees are men even though women directed several of this year's best regarded movies Entertainment Tonight host Kevin Frazier joins us with more on the star Kevin really good just because a lot of people are shaking their heads as one because didn't a motion picture academy take steps to make this a little less likely a couple years ago they sure did yeah after the original controversy that led to Oscar so wide twenty fifteen patted me added more diverse members in each and every year we've seen a group of nominees that a bit more diverse with many say this year's nods are disappointing step backwards Joaquin Phoenix is the range joker leaves the Oscar nominations with eleven nods but it's the films and actors that were snow that many are calling the real headline I made up my mind I'm going there.

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