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The rap marveling over loyal how bat little loyola of chicago holding off to vada for a sixty nine sixty eight win in the sweet sixteen tonight marcus towns hit a huge three pointer to put the ramblers up by four with six seconds to go town led the way with eighteen is teammate clinton custer found him for that dagger three i think is the best player on the court tonight i mean i don't even think it was close so happy for him to go basketball player such a good person so happy that he dominated the game tonight and the leading leading the team prayer was the mascot ninety eight year old team chaplain sister jean schmidt she is jacked up even though she had her team losing in her nc double a bracket in the sweet sixteen great came and they said one of them said to me clayton said we broke your brackets sister jeanne i said i don't care that you wrote my bracket i'm ready for the next one and so i believe they are this is a great feat for us yeah one win away from the final four it really is how about michigan with a ninety nine seventy two route of texas am the wolverines hit fourteen of twenty four from three point line mohammed abdur rachman led michigan with twenty four points kentucky taking on kansas state that game getting underway the winner gets loyola in that elite eight matchup gonzaga against florida state just after seven and steph curry cleared to play tomorrow night he's a full go when the warriors take on the hawks klay thompson kevin durant draymond green will not play dream unlikely to practice saturday could play sunday jeff marcia of the giants sore shoulder had an mri he could start the season on the dl derek colin his likely replacement in the rotation sports at fifteen and forty five oh yeah the sharks play.

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