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Vice President, President Trump, President Obama discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe

MSNBC Morning Joe
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Booker Rourke and Amy cloak closure trailing make those prong for by again really strong for Joe Biden amidst debate where we'll still talk to you about it. I mean I called you yesterday, not only because I love talking to you in the. I don't talk to anyone having my mint julep. Love calling the time for this. I'll make him come and big data. What you sir. What did you hear out on the line? Handle. That's really weird though. Because co op. White brick and I'm walking around stare at my bed, rat. It sucks bucks on this. I'll tell you what. So anyway, I called yesterday because I've been hearing throughout the day growing concerns about Joe Biden, and he's not up to it. He's too old. The remarks last week. And yet, it seems you look at what Reverend Al than what John Lewis and what Jim Clyburn lot of lot of heroes. Let a civil rights hero said about him. They're fine with it. And it looks like voters in the early states are fine with him. Yeah, as I mentioned to you. I was at the event week or two ago when he made those now famous remarks, and I thought that he was honest came, and as I said to you, I think in a way Trump lowered expectations. He's sending all these tweets about sleepy Joe and low, I q Joe and this, and that, and I think one of the consequences, a lot of us went in with somewhat lower expectations, and I think he'd livered he was he was crispy was you gave his speech. I wouldn't say anybody walked out saying, wow, that's the most the greatest thing I've ever heard. But it was fine. And then he had these couple remarks in the middle, which obviously blew up, as you said the. Call the black establishment for lack of a better word seems to rallied around him and basically said, even Cory Booker said the other day was asked do you think Joe Biden's racists? And he said, absolutely not just a couple of fortunate couple unfortunate things. So I think he's playing his game and so far, so good. And we'll see how it runs, obviously, we've got a big big week ahead of. We'll see how it goes then lease. Obviously, Donald Trump is helping till Biden's caused by tacky seemingly every day, the more week. Do you want to hear more play play, then go to Elise doing, but hold on? Alex is saying we have to read a script Alex, this is morning Joe. We don't do script, and we like Dan next to you. That's the better thing. Don't you? Don't you? All right on. Let's get back during here. They read the report. I get it as President Trump is renewing attacks against Joe, Biden, and continuing to speculate, you see, I'm reading at the former presidents mental health. He says, it's declining the president made the claim during his interview with the hill without providing any evidence to back it up, adding that's the real reason. Why former President Obama has not endorsed Biden? How he doesn't get President Obama to endorse him. The has to be some reason why he's not endorsing him. He was vice president. They seem to have gotten along and how President Obama's not endorsing him is rather a big secret. If you wanna know if you know, the answer, please, let me now could be that President Obama. No something but there is something going on that brain of his. Brian, his thanks. It's such production as long as dumber general, I have to say. So. Yeah, so bigger point is when Democrats see that they're thinking Donald Trump scared of, of Joe Biden, and, and it's just like with Elizabeth Warren before, I think Elizabeth Warren soon will now because she took a hit from Donald Trump, and she survived that hit and she keeps going up. And now when people go back to it that feels like background has already been walked over and hashed and rehashed. And then with Joe Biden, Donald Trump is doing him such a favor because when Donald Trump is making crazy comments about Joe Biden, no one is noticing that Joe Biden, isn't actually talking to the press, and giving interviews and is letting actually his bad comments..