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Sport's manager Josh Donaldson signed a four year deal with the toys will talk with the twins president Dave St Peter coming up in twenty minutes here on WC shows morning news while lose to Sidney Crosby the penguins seven to three they host Tampa Bay tomorrow you know was at practice to watch while scariest day morning hammer Mike Tomlin yeah he and Bruce mood or from our bodies other really yes so they could have dinner so they wanna do did the skate thing I guess about that Alex Cora jobs manners of the red Sox more they wasted no time on that one term rules host Indiana here on C. sure radio tonight will start pregame at six thirty seven o'clock will tip that baby off I don't know if Karl Anthony you'll be back tonight or not hope so high school hockey last night and overtakes down maple Grove for nothing a cottage Grove edge out apple valley by a goal girls hockey breakdown Blake forty three Cretan their arm all over white bear lake six to one high school hoops many high academy BT Dinah eighty five fifty seven east you be roles month seventy nine fifty nine in the girls apple valley Regan by three down to beat Eden prairie last night a girl's hoops WCCO again coming up Dave St Peter at seven twenty and how about Duke they lost last night to Clemson on rank beat him seventy nine to seventy two here's the thing saving money with geico was almost better than playing pickup basketball because there's always that guy who joined your game he never passes the rock he constantly bricks threes and.

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