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John, Senate, Perjury discussed on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell


Tonight that there's so much focus on jeff sessions in the obstruction of justice investigation in it makes sense to to me and for the reasons john said look we it's been one hundred percent clear from day one that of course trump wanted to squelch the russia investigation his only defense has been that he's lacked the so called corrupt intent that he wasn't doing it for personal reasons now when you think about other conduct like the firing of komi there are different reasons you could try to proffer but think about this with sessions and by the way sessions recusals because he because the department tells them he has to so it's very straightforward and legally mandated but what other reason could you say on behalf of trump for why he thereafter is berating him and insisting he reverse the decision it's obviously wanting personal loyalty pretty obviously wanting personal protection it's that kind of protection above four his own sake that leads directly to an inference of corrupt intent and doesn't allow for the sorts of other inferences he could at least argue about four different conduct join home and we've we've noticed that jeff sessions has real friends among republicans in the senate they certainly behave that way during his confirmation the got him through the challenges to his confirmation testimony which some people thought included perjury and here's here's another piece of the new york times reporting tonight which contains a a new fact that maybe we believed but did not quite yet no it said mr trump complains to friends about how much he would like to get rid of mr sessions but has demured under pressure from senate republicans who have indicated they would not confirm a new attorney general.

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