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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had some interesting remarks aside. From his desire to make the NFL regular season eighteen games here's what he had to say about what he would give to win another Super Bowl. Would be embarrassing It would be shocking if. You knew the size check I would ride if it guaranteed meet a. Super Bowl and it would be It would be obscene There's nothing that would do financially not to get a super book show that that's a that's, a. Real given buyer sell the Cowboys will win another Super Bowl under the. Ownership of Jerry Jones it's good. To have you back This is the. Easiest buyer sell of all time So Zero chance unless he writes that check for that ridiculous amount of, money I don't. Know You know what's over three hundred million dollars buys off the other. Owners or something Absolutely. No chance is going to happen under the ownership and the tutelage of Jerry Jones the NFL like every other professional sports league has gone from being something owned by rich people that, they use the toy owned by rich people and what you must employ really smart bright people who think. About the game deeply in a way that people didn't five ten, fifteen years ago and Jerry Jones is the opposite of that he'd put them is is the opposite of that the on the GM me and my son were doing the thing is it gonna work in a world where the GM's around football are smarter and brighter. And studied the game in a way that didn't happen ten or fifteen years ago I think the trajectory, for the Cowboys and four join. Because as much like to give I like Jerry Jerry is like a good guy What is the Cowboys a hard time because they're arrogance the game football's words thing when they're interesting but no I think there's I am I. Am not a believer Mr. debate debate data for obvious reasons we've talked a lot about Aaron Rodgers contract, extension so far tonight earlier today The vodka or at least some player prop odds for the upcoming season. For mister Rogers himself.