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We go sean again. I'll as Chris said I'll get different somewhere else but I'm gonNA play Derrick Henry. Yes is the dream uh-huh Derrick Henry. Matchup this is the most terrifying matchup. Hugh are this Kansas City chiefs. Which is why I love their offense? They know they gotta score lots of points in this game because they can't stop Derrick Henry. He's he's Kryptonite Yeah he's eighty seven hundred again. I'm very Chaki to start but as as you see right like fifty two percent of FTC. LINEUPS I think had Derrick Henry and it's going to be very hard to be competitive without him so same thing new a week great matchup Derrick Henry Eighty seven hundred. Love it. Chris what are you doing. I running back. I think I will definitely join Wayne on Derrick Henry. They're not to go completely along with Ryan. Ron both picks here but I'm smart guy. I appreciate you no but I'll knock out that my obvious ones right now. There is in Mahomes in Henry Henry last time at one hundred and eighty eight yards and two touchdowns downs granted. It was at home. I don't think that matters with this guy And I don't see a reason. Why not you know? Plus the thing is with Tennessee's align line they've given up the third most sacks on the year so I don't think they wanNA leave Tannehill back there in the recent weeks of shown that they've just been regressing from him throwing and just giving it all the Henry so I'm GonNa go with him. Yeah even though. I have ten hill at the quarterback position. I'm doing the rare. QB running back stacked with Derrick Henry last eight games Henry has to earn three carries. Twelve hundred seventy three yards six point seven yards per carry eleven touchdowns he just record in the national football league for rushing yards in eight games. This guy is on an insane pace. He's is about You know the guy driving down the left lane of the freeway going eighty and fourth year. Yeah that's what they're doing derek history. And he's going to have no resale value but he they're getting everything they ca- this guy writes in now. So Yeah GimMe Derrick Henry Plus Joan. We're so proud of our Tennessee Hennessy. Titans how they say baby. They responded to our criticism to are challenged to be great. They're really they're really rocking it. All right second running back Kramer tha again. I'm I'm a little bit chasing hair. Seven Coleman I wanted. I wanted a piece of this running game because I think there is. There will be opportunity to run against green. Any Bay defensive front. I think you gotta play one of the niners running backs I you know. Look what Coleman did last game I guess so fifty-seven Hunter honor not not not exceptionally chalky. But I I expect the ball to move on the ground in Green Bay. Because I refuse to believe Sean that Jimmy Garoppolo can take team anywhere in the playoffs. Bilal buying himself hasn't done it yet. How about you ever you Chris? Who's your who's who's your second running back okay? So now I do get different from Kramer here a little bit. I'm going on the other side of the field with this and since I think Green Bay will be playing from behind and Jamal Williams in the passing game. Even though he hasn't shown up in recent weeks in his game against the niners where they got destroyed right he had. Let's see eleven carries which was only two behind Aaron Johns and then he had seven receptions which was tied for the team high with Manti atoms. So I see a reliability. Something in San Francisco brings with the pass rush. Also that he's a safety net for Aaron Rodgers their. I'm GonNa go Jamal Williams William's thirty eight hundred. Yeah that's interesting especially I. You're GonNa if you really WANNA make a run at this you're gonNA have to have. I think two guys sub four hundred or sorry sub four thousand that really make a dent Jamal Williams at thirty eight hundred certainly interesting. He got those eighteen touches and in the previous match up and I could see a formula where he's certainly involved. I'm again I'm going chalk here with Damian Williams he's he just seems to be the bread and butter right there. I don't think you'll have three touchdowns like he did last game but I do think he's going to be involved early and often he's pricey and I'm spending a lot at the running back position position there. But Yeah Gimme Damian Williams seven thousand dollars Yeah Kramer what are you doing. I receiver more chalk. Because I mean if there's one thing you take away from that Green Bay game it's that Aaron Rodgers still trust no one but demonte Adams and maybe a little bit Jimmy grant but mostly Davante Onto Adam so Seventy nine hundred. I don't these are the only guys I played from the Green Bay San Francisco Game Yeah I scared my the wife and my dog when Jimmy Graham content third past the owner just get up and go what what forty five. You liked that garth..

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