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President Trump. Just call out the military to head off the caravan. There are two shepherd questions here. One can the president call out the troops to. But can you actually use them for as for the I can call out the military? He could do that. Todd wyler's. Former assistant secretary of defense. You can also answer the second question, what can Mr. Trump actually, use the military four at the border, maybe flying border patrol part of the drug interdiction program military on the border to assist primarily logistics. But they're not there to enforce the laws of the United States. The president can always ask for the national guard, but doubtful the governors of California, and you Mexico would go along Charles Feldman. KNX ten seventy NewsRadio. California's secretary of state and the DMV they have come up with a solution. Motor-voter program mistakenly, registering non-citizens devote have been about twenty one thousand. Occur. Somewhere around the late August and that came to light in early September. Also fifteen hundred. On that. Earlier this month. And that includes some people who are believed to be non-citizens. That's the Sacramento bsb, Brian Anderson. He says the DMV will do a sampling of each day's motor voter registrations to check for registration errors before they said to the secretary of state and added to the voter rolls. Early voting is up in this midterm election. White about five hundred and seventy thousand ballots have been cast about one hundred thousand more than at this point in two thousand fourteen and LA county more than one hundred and forty four thousand mail-in ballots are in up from eighty one thousand in Orange County. It's close to one hundred thousand ballots up from sixty seven thousand Jack has a professor of government at Claremont. Mckenna college. However, it might be different this time. Democrats are putting a great deal of resources into voter mobilization identifying early voters persuading them to turn in ballot. Voter registration is also about nine hundred million people were registered as of early September a record in California. Gubernatorial election in Orange County. About one hundred and fifty thousand people have registered since July. First compared to about sixty four thousand in the same period two years ago, Claude UPS Cuba, KNX ten seventy NewsRadio. LGBTQ activists say a reported Trump administration plan would effectively deny transgender people their identity that he are times reports the department of health and human services is considering to fighting's a person's gender based on their sex organs at birth. Ashley Montessori says the proposal says the wrong message. She transgender people like herself, my friends have committed suicide, and it's always because they are being marginalized and bullied and not being recognized as human beings tonight. Several hundred people rallied outside LA city hall in support of transgender rights big financial problems. For attorney Michael is a court ordered him to pay millions of dollars to an attorney who formerly worked at his firm at the end of the hearing judge Dennis Landon ordered of a naughty to personally pay four point eight five million dollars to fellow attorney Jason Frank on the grounds. He garrett. Not the settlement with him. Then didn't follow through with the payment. The four point five million is in addition to ten million dollars a US. Bankruptcy court ordered of naughty swimmer firm to pay to Frank earlier this year of ATI who did not appear in court and filed no counter arguments to the brief has come into the Associated Press that Franco's him twelve million dollars for fraud with no further explanation of what that was in downtown LA, Pete Demetrio KNX ten seventy NewsRadio the FBI and local police responded to an address in Bedford New York near the home of philanthropist. George Soros after an object that appeared to be an explosive turned up in the mailbox the person place the package at a wooded area and called police. They say the FBI is terrorism task force is investigating sarosa billionaire who made his fortune in hedge funds has donated heavily to liberal causes for years, ten thirty five traffic.