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Katie okay Oklahoma's first news chaplains got the latest news update coming up in just a. Bit she's a pianist. A singer a songwriter and married to comedian and writer Harry Shearer Judith Owen her new album is called rediscovered, on it, she sings. A lot of, your favorites from the late sixties and seventies and I see on, the cover Judah that you wrote are that you write, a. Go, non, karaoke Is that, your new motto well you know it's been a it's it's just my dreadful pressure sense of humor Fact I've I've. Never quite understood why you know for me doing lazy versions of of people songs are just it's just not it's not my thing and and so I just came up with this. Title of which I. Think. I'm gonna put on t shirts for people because it, makes me, laugh so much I don't do carry okay I. Think a lot of, us feel the same way but no I don't do carry. Out. This new album rediscovered you're doing old favorites like summer nights. And the, Beatles, and smoke on the water correct, but not, as anybody would ever ever expect to hear them I. Mean these these are absolutely re imaginings from you know on, every level and rearrangements of these phones they are they actually have different and new meaning to the original they, they highlight, something you have never heard in them before because each of these, songs I have made my own you? Know, in in, in so much, as I put my life in them I've actually Figured out, how to, tell my own story in them and it comes. From from very long, ago and far away when I was doing four our marathons. In. Like really horrible wind balls and jazz clubs and restaurants because. I can't, read, or write because I've music music, dyslexia which, is a real thing like like my other. Dyslexia would. Wife I realized that you know in order for me to, pay rent I would have to learn and and actually play cutters and but I can't because that's not that's, not what, I do I'm a writer so I I started to rearrange and. Reimagined zones My phone's and, that was the beginning of it and they become a real favorite for fans? 'cause, I was include, one or, two and, every record that I. Do so he. Had finally is this collection of. Awfully unexpected and very unique I feel of versions of these beautiful beautiful phones Judith. Owen is with us spun fearless she's been. Called. By the New York Times. On, the new album is rediscovered it's out may twenty fifth and if. You love some of these old favorites I think. You'll, like some of the some of the arrangements that she puts to it I mean you're a, pianist more than anything but do you branch out into other instruments as well with some, of these no I just I I mean I'm a I'm a pianist thing that's my thing that is everything that I love but, the point is I'm an arranger and that's why to have arranged. And produced this, is the, most important thing to me these these, are all my range he's I'm luckily that I have the most remarkable musicians in my life. I'm here with the fabulous. Leland Sklar bass, legend I, I get to what with people who Now like. Family to me in a second you know they know me they know my style. And I my my feeling that it's second. Nature. To them so I I. Really, do let I hear it all and I know exactly what I. Want and I can tell everybody what I want. To, hear but I let people play there You know I I let other people get on the. The Hammond even though I could Because you know really you want the best you, don't want you know You want the. Best so I get to to have the. These beautiful musicians, with me and I think altogether it has the Judy so in sound has that sound I bring. The piano and and the voice is at the core of a tool. But this, is I think this is a great. Jazz crossover this record it really really does much classical, feelings to it. I, think this one really does have that. Great jazz crossover full deselms yes I was Lynn listening to your music I hear similarities between Marcia ball and some, of the other blues and jazz that I that I hear in there but that also what you just, described answered the next? Question with if you if you're. Not sight reading how can you arrange and you just answered that question you have a lot of good people that can just. I, want it to sound like this and then they can, play it yes but but but not to forget. That I can do it. Will buy it and. That you can arrange. You don't have. A right you can play it you, can play, lines I've arranged everything so I. Know the line I want you, know that's, not a matter, of, writing it's the thing about not writing, I believe And what I learned early on and I, would say this to anybody out there who can't read or write is that if you have a great, year and you can? Demonstrate and sing and play lines. On the piano if you can hear it in your head you can do it this is not like this is actually an. Opening, up because you don't have any boundaries you don't have, any rules you don't have anybody saying you can't. Do this econ go there. Well you must do. This in this way. You're actually very free and it's all about what about, the air, and if you're playing with feel. Players like I am which most. Great plaszov You'll great you could, go well I'm I envy people who can, do that I can. Read music but I have to read it to be able to make music out of. I've been accused of having. Perfect pitch but I don't, I know I don't you. Can't atone. Atone, for me and I can tell you. What I can't do that I just have a good memory do. You have perfect pitch I do enough my husband does, too I really okay Insane and perfect pitch and. I have to say that I'm very, very grateful for. That because you know. Honestly Li I can remember every song and it's only not computer backup in my hard. Drive up there in the head. But can I remember the? Name of the. Person that was just. Introduced to. Me No Onto the. Flame but you, know so you, basically you know, you you could sit and things and you become very focused in certain. Ways but you, know off me to to cook a meal without killing. Someone Or. To do to, do any maps and and you'll see me crying and Don't you You do Judith Owen a lot of fun and the name of the new album is called rediscovered on NewsRadio.

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