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A number one terrorist in the world celebrating I did get a been done twenty years ago still many house and Senate members say a strike like that needs their approval secretary of state Mike Pompeii all told fox's Bret Baier access to the plan was limited and not only did we limit this information in the legislative branch we limited inside the executive branch as well still there were some who were in the loop Attorney General William Barr said Monday the department of justice was consulted and frankly get I don't think it was a close it was a close call I believe that the the president clearly had the authority to act as he did some in Congress including Republicans say the administration is not clearly explained its justification for the strike good all Scott fox news this is the fox news rundown the latest from fox business I'm Maria Bartiromo and this is the fox business report financial experts say prince Harry and wife Megan were wise to choose Canada's there part time home over the US among several advantages the millionaire prince can avoid complex US taxes for instance the U. S. taxes citizens and other US persons worldwide computer security experts are urging people to get the free patch to fix a major windows ten security for the bug actually affects all versions of windows over the past twenty years but Microsoft no longer supports those earlier versions Boeing says deliveries and new orders hit their lowest point in more than a decade as it struggles with the global grounding of the seven thirty seven in stocks ended mixed as investors wait earnings the Dow gained thirty two points briefly topping twenty nine thousand on Carmen Roberts that's your fault business report invested in you this is the fox news rundown it.

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