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Vandalism, Lopez, California discussed on The House Whisperer


The commotion last night called the rest of the family by the time everyone arrives the looters had disappeared unnecessary violence unnecessary vandalism Lopez says he estimates losses at tens of thousands in stolen merchandise money in damages Steve Gregory KFI news the news is sponsored by my diamond the smell good plumber fairs concerts and festivals have been canceled all over California and the country because of Kobe nineteen but not in the antelope valley officials say the plan now is to hold the analog valley fair and alfalfa festival as scheduled eighty third annual event runs August twenty first three thirty at the fairgrounds in Lancaster officials say they're committed to staying connected to each other and to the community in new ways as we recover safely together LA county fair organizers announced couple weeks ago that corona virus has forced the cancellation of the fair in Pomona for the first time since World War two any king KFI news for a map of all the current Kobe nineteen cases in southern California you can check out our website at KFI am six forty dot com keyword codice as a crash in eagle rock on the one thirty four is on the westbound side at Colorado Boulevard salute people injury crash blocking the right lane you are seen some spectators throwing if you're headed through that accident zone someone to ten eastbound at someone Boulevard that's your account just taking away your to a left lane to be on the look out for some minor slow down if you're headed through there and in language seven ten south down before the one oh five that's where we're getting reports of a brush fire on the right shoulder KFI in the sky helps get you there faster I'm Randy guild recently you saw the stock market fall more in a single day them any day since the crash of eighty seven I'm Riggleman unlike past market crashes though.

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