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Blame making plans for that this year


On a drug that could treat the coronavirus show here with the Indiana state health commissioner has to say about that an executive order from the governor plus a child shot and killed late last night in Indianapolis those stories and more coming up after fox news on ninety three W. why BC W. Y. B. C. H. T. one Indianapolis in at six o'clock it's going to be a very very painful next two weeks I'm Dave Anthony fox news under president trump is warning I want every American to be prepared for the hard days that lie ahead for you during the need to follow the corona virus finding guidelines to stay home people have said a lot of people thought about right after do anything just writing that and think of it is the flu but is that it's vicious officials estimated deaths could be between one hundred and two and forty thousand basing projections on the huge spike in New York in New Jersey stressing the success of mitigation is preventing the next surge with social distancing on fox's Griff Jenkins White House task force Dr Anthony Fauci says if we all cooperates all of us want to do much much better than that now the number of deaths in the U. S. now tops four thousand out of nearly one hundred ninety thousand people infected and there's worry about growing cases from Louisiana to Michigan and there's a continued worry about hospitals having enough ventilators California governor Gavin Newsom the number of ventilator so we've identified in this state four thousand two hundred and fifty two he says they need more than double that now amid the push for medical supplies from hospitals across America Russia is coming to our aid fox's Simon Ellin as more live a day the Russian military plane taking off from Moscow delivering medical aid to the United States the Russian government saying the aircraft took off in the past few hours carrying equipment and masks the Kremlin says president Putin made the offer during a phone call with president trump and the president trump accepted the supposed with gratitude Russia also saying Putin assumes the U. S. will reciprocate if necessary dive insight a senior Saudi Arabian officials urge more than a million Muslims intending to travel to Islam's holiest sites to do

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Blame making plans for that this year

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Officers targeted in several cities so I'm Dave Anthony fox news four of them were shot in the Saint Louis

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He said he's got it under control but it's nowhere near under control there it's

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