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More than a hundred thousand maybe close to a quarter million Americans could die


North Carolina in the next couple of weeks New York authorities pleading for medical volunteers have to state wide death toll from the coronavirus doubled in seventy two hours it's now more than nineteen hundred governor Andrew Cuomo also pleading for people to stay away from each other and stop making an already dire situation even worse so when I keep pushing for high compliance on social distancing it's because high compliance and social distancing will reduce the number this is what they began talking about flattening curve flattening curve flattening curve with social distance across the U. S. Americans bracing up for what president trump warned yesterday could be one of the toughest two or three weeks we've ever had in our country a Florida woman is trying to spread some unhappiness with driveway concerts Kristin Goodwin explains what that's all about Lisa back of the villages Florida entertaining her neighbors ends the internet's with concerts from her driveway the

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More than a hundred thousand maybe close to a quarter million Americans could die

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