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Tomorrow sunshine returns in high will increase a little bit


Five in uptown the world continues to mourn the death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant it's the start of Super Bowl week but the only subject dominating sports news is the seismic loss of one of the greatest basketball players ever tributes to Kobe Bryant have been pouring in from the likes of legends in the NBA bill Russell to Kareem Abdul Jabbar Michael Jordan Shaquille o'neal tributes from president trump along with former commanders in chief Obama and Clinton NBA teams who played Sunday all honored Kobe Bryant committing twenty four second shot clock violations and eight second backcourt violations twenty four and eight the two Jersey numbers Kobe war during his twenty year career all with the Los Angeles Lakers Dallas Mavericks owner mark Cuban said no Mavericks player will ever wear the number twenty four again Jared Max fox news the shooting at a restaurant in Salisbury late Saturday night is left six people injured it happened at the almost restaurant on Jake Alexander Boulevard one person was flown to Wake Forest Baptist hospital others were treated locally one person was trampled cops say it happened during a party at the restaurant they're going over cellphone video to sort out the fracas no arrests have been made at this point the

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