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Already senator Sanders for his part that not dismayed by the tension

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President, Bernie Sanders And White House discussed on Left, Right & Center

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Guidelines in the event it is declared a pandemic democratic foes unleashing a torrent of attacks on front runner Bernie Sanders it all played out on the debate stage in Charleston Tuesday night four days before that state's primary the debate may have been the final prime time event to change the direction of the nomination billionaire Mike Bloomberg taking some shots to moderates in the Middle strain to be won at least one of the survivors who might stick around with Sanders through the spring a Senate leader Mitch McConnell weighing in on the democratic field he called out Republicans who have well who who led a copy said block a it's too early for Republicans to zero on zero in on any democratic candidates I think Republicans speculating about which democratic candidate for president would be the easiest debate may be a bit clueless if you look at what the various candidates for president on the democratic ticket or saying it's not a whole lot of difference between any of they