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United States, LA And Rodney King discussed on America's First News


I will deploy the United States military and quickly solve the problem for them it seems to be referring to the insurrection act last used in LA's Rodney king beating riots Mr trump then walked across a cleared Lafayette park to see damage done Sunday night to St John's Episcopal Church Bob Costantini Washington governor JB Pritzker says he doesn't believe the federal government can send those troops to a state it uses trump of creating an incendiary moment I'm only at Francis after speaking in the White House rose garden Monday president trump walked two blocks to St John's Episcopal Church for a photo opportunity that's why clear by thirties who used tear gas to move peaceful protesters push above the account of this couple diocese of Washington and Edgar but he was critical of trump's visit to that damaged her Hey when you came to Saint John your knowledge the agony of our country right now and in particular that of the people of color and our nation who wonder if anyone ever anyone in in in public power will ever acknowledge their sacred words were rightfully demanding an end to four hundred years of systemic racism Herbert Stempel a fall guy and was a blower for early television whose confession to deliberately losing on a nineteen fifties.

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