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Ani Washington, Anderson And Rodney King discussed on America's First News


I believe that it is not available to the black lives matter protest began around five PM at the protesters marched up and down Las Vegas Boulevard a peaceful protest was also held last night at downtown Summerlin president trump is urging more states to call out the National Guard to fight back against violent protests the president's blaming the media and anarchist for fomenting violence and says liberal mayors and governors must get tougher pointing to Minnesota's National Guard sharply cutting down on violent protests over the weekend the Pentagon said Saturday it was ready to save active duty troops to Minneapolis if needed very quickly active duty forces are normally banned from acting as a law enforcement agency in the U. S. but the insurrection act of eighteen oh seven offers an exception it was last invoked in nineteen ninety two after the Rodney king trial led to massive riots in Los Angeles there was no indication over the weekend the president intended to invoke the act soccer make ani Washington a carjacking in Henderson led to a pursuit that a shoot out involving police officers according to metro police an armed suspect stole a car around five thirty Sunday morning Anderson police pursued the suspect opened fire at officers who returned fire they say nobody was hit the pursuit ended in police say the suspect was taken into custody week number so the economic impact of Nevada casino and business closures because of a corona virus pandemic but most businesses and all casinos shattered through April state regulators reported that monthly gambling tax revenues were down nearly.

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