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Some sun today but it's going to be another hot one


Did not respond to messages seeking comment the launch of a SpaceX rocket ship of two NASA astronauts on a history making flight has been postponed at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida the falcon nine rocket and the dragon capsule ready president trump vice president Mike pence and members of the first family arrived to watch the liftoff but stormy skies postponed the launch of the SpaceX rocket ship we are not going to lunch today your goal for five dot one zero zero launcher NASA astronauts Robert bank in Douglas Hurley was set to travel to the international space station on a system built by it on musk's firm SpaceX the flight would have marked the first time a private company sent humans into orbit and the first time in nine years the United States lunch astronauts from U. S. soil the next potential launch windows are on Saturday and Sunday I'm Jennifer king mixed martial arts and boxing are back in business in Nevada the Nevada athletic commission has unanimously agreed to allow to UFC events and to top rank boxing shows in Las Vegas over the next two weeks the decision ends the moratorium on combat sports in Nevada in place since March fourteenth when the commission stopped publication amid the corona virus pandemic you'll see a media Lee confirmed its plans to stage a show without fans in attendance on Saturday night at the U. of C. apex arena on its expansive corporate complex followed by the U. of C. two fifty pay per view show at the same place G. six the check on our weather here's news stories Kelly current we're looking at

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