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Than Democrats in the room. That's what Hell's chief of staff Mark Meadows. But Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says they need to think bigger tohave a skinny little bill to say We'll just pick one or two things and do those and walk away from all the other responsibilities. When we are in a deep recession when you were in a major health crisis is not living up to our obligations to the American people. The White House says. Absent fit agreement, the president will take executive actions to stimulate the economy. Voters in Minneapolis will not get to vote on a plan to drastically changed the police department this November. City's Charter Review Commission says it needs more time to study the plan. Seattle City Council now considering a measure to cut that city's police funding by more than 40%. President Trump on the campaign trail again today, he'll tour a washing machine factory in northwest Ohio and then attend the fundraiser in the Cleveland area. The vital campaign announcing their candidate will not travel to the Democratsconvention. Joe Biden will now address the nation and accept the Democratic nomination by a video from his home state in Delaware. After ongoing consultation with public health officials and experts. The DNC Loaded convention. Speakers should no longer travel to Milwaukee quote in order to prevent risking the health of our host community, as

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