Tesla delivers first Chinese-made Model 3 to customers

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Elon. Musk did a little jig at the Shanghai Dan Hi event today. This was coming. As a company was delivering its new china-made model threes to ten new customers and when the company announced that it's going to start production of the model y SUV at the plant. As well in fact yellow and Musket said that he believed the model why would have more demand than all the other Tesla cars combined. He also said that the two billion dollar China factory was going to be the site of future models. In addition to the model three and the model y The production capacity at the plant is currently one hundred and fifty thousand and the plan is to produce two hundred fifty thousand vehicles out of that plant a year. Now Musk's move comes at a time when the auto market here is slowing down. China's very aggressive subsidy program is also drying up and then of course there are the trade tensions tensions between the US and China however the public reaction so far has been pretty good and would be seen as positive by tesla. Most of the chatter has been in about how people don't really mind that the cars are made in China since most of the cars sold in China are manufactured in China and instead that most people are focusing on the price at forty three thousand dollars per vehicle for the model. Three of people are saying that this is good

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