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Security adviser is throwing


President trump denied today the bomb shell threatening to blow up his case I guess nothing was ever said on the manuscript that was sent to the White House several weeks ago was written by former national security adviser John Bolton according to The New York Times Fulton writes in his forthcoming book that Mr trump told him he wanted to freeze aid to Ukraine until officials there helped with investigations into the bidens that backs up what other witnesses have said and runs counter to claims the president's defense team continued to make today the president's legal team is defending Mr trump in the Senate as the impeachment trial continued for some eight hours a five four vote the Supreme Court is allowing the trump administration to deny green cards to immigrants over their use of public benefits including Medicaid food stamps and housing vouchers WCBS as mac Rosenberg reports the decision could jeopardize permanent status for hundreds of thousands of emigrants if the department of homeland security thinks an immigrant might need to rely on the government to get by they cannot deny entry or legal status it means immense harm for immigrant families here in New York and around the country Susan well there is a lawyer for the legal aid society representing the five immigrant rights groups who sued to try and get the public charge roll thrown out they were successful in October when the judge entered an injunction to the rule but the Supreme Court overturned it with a five four decision today

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