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One thirty three a transgender woman


And others dismissed Bolton's claims hi Michelle it really doesn't change anything are you worried about how it's going to look to voters if you vote against hearing from witnesses I think that's where it came down to each senator having to make that decision CBS news chief congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes reporting it's one thirty two a divided US Supreme Court on Monday allow the trump administration to put in place new rules that could jeopardize permanent residency for immigrants using public benefits like food stamps and housing vouchers a five four vote the justices said the law can take affect while the underlying lawsuit works through the courts this changes the immigration laws considerably because immigrants often requires some public assistance which now can disqualify them from obtaining a green card or finding some pathway to residency before their status is determined legally historically the public charge rule work to disqualify immigrants only if they were totally on permanently dependent on government assistance with this ruling however almost any public dependency could deny them entry at CBS news legal analyst famed Rosenbaum one thirty three a transgender woman slapped spit on with slurs aimed at a Friday night on the subway platform in Washington Heights that the MTA the start a new campaign against hate crimes as a black transgender woman living in New York City Kiara Saint James says she's always fearful is

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